Colombia – Gilberto Rojas – 33 1/3 Coffee


Origin: Colombia
Region: Acevedo, Huila
Farmer: Gilberto Rojas
Variety: Colombia (red & yellow)
Altitude: 1700 Meters
Proc. Method: Fully Washed

Medium/Light roast (City+)

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Product Description

Gilberto Rojas was born on the coffee farm, La Florida, in Acevedo, Huila located in south western Colombia. He still resides there with his wife of 25 years and cultivates coffee with his family. Gilberto does all the fermentation, washing, pulping, and drying on this small 20-acre farm. He also uses a pump-and-cyclone method of his own design during the washing stage, ensuring there is no unwanted pulp left on the beans as they dry. Gilberto uses a 36-hour fermentation process before drying the coffee on covered, raised beds.


We visited La Florida in November, 2016 and selected this lot of the bean variety Colombia (specifically, Yellow and Red Colombia). It was grown at 1700m and dried for 20 days as a longer, cooler drying period is preferred to maximize quality and to extend the life of the green coffee. This coffee is sweet and complex, with hints of peach and berry.


This is our first coffee from Gilberto’s farm but we doubt it will be our last. Enjoy.


Roasted by 33 1/3 Coffee Roasters.  Regina. SK. Canada

@thirty3coffee  11130 – 15th Avenue




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Roasted, Green


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